Magic & Math

    The Great Dark Magician wants to take over all the wealth of the Magic Kingdom Naissus. To achieve has bewitched all butterflies turning into monsters and warriors of his evil army.

    Magic & Math


    Traditional game specially designed to improve fine motor skills in children, elderly or people with special education needs. With thousands of players around the world!

    a+Blocks a+Blocks


    Magicians & Mathematics: An Excellent Combination

    Magician & Mathematics If you could harness your child’s enthusiasm for dragons and dungeons video games, and use it to improve his math skills, would you do it? A new app, called Magic & Math by Revolumedia, is a new one you should consider. After checking it out, Fun Educational Apps finds that this is a Top Pick

    A+blocks: Game App to Learn and Interact with Colours and Shapes

    A+blocks is a great game app for kids aged 3 to 6 to help and improve fine motor skills. Identify colours; shape and position to complete the drawing, an activity that will keep your kids entertain for hours.

    Mole Mazes

    Train your visual memory, your guidance and your ability to reason. Neuroscientific theory: When you remember randomly ten places in the mole's map your mind waits at position seven.

    Mole Mazes